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“2020 Is OUR YEAR!” — every marketing team 💪

Until it wasn’t…


Yikes, that summer flew by. It must mean your first semester of college is here! Welcome Freshman. I have some apps to help you survive your first semester at college get ready to save money, sleep more, and actually wake up for that 8 am Mid-term.

Perfection. What a perfect word.

Everybody is excited when they hear the word perfect. That means without flaws, with dedicated and as good as it can possibly be. Wow, that’s a pretty steep curve mark, perfection. But there has always been one question that has always shadowed me when it…

In this blog, I look at the future of sports as it relates to marketing and creating an amazing consumer experience.

The future of sports seems to always be talked about. Will people still enjoy seeing two people box it out in a ring or will the consumers taste change…

Well I locked myself in a coffee shop… and I didn’t even get coffee, all for the sake of finishing this piece.

It should be noted this was written in one of those crazy hipster coffee shops, you know the ones that don’t have wifi. So spelling and other errors……

In this blog, I look at the past 9 months of work my amazing team and I have put into creating a creative and engaging advertising campaign for AAF — NSAC.

What in the world is AAF NSAC? Great question! The AAF is the American Advertising Federation and the NSAC…

In this blog, I explore the flying future of Drones. This was previously published on

Our entertainment, crops, packages and emergency response could soon fly above us. And wildly enough, it isn’t as far out as we think. The technology is available, and it’s only getting better and better…

Lyft is growing massively in 2017 and they just launched 54 new cities across the U.S.! Including Fargo, ND 🎉

Earlier in January they set forward the goal of being in 100 new markets by the end of 2017, and are currently at 96 and it’s only February 23rd! Lyft has had the recent privelege to be catapulted in the ridesharing industry by the recent #DeleteUber campaigns going against their close competitor Uber.

Fargo has had Uber since May of 2015 and bringing Lyft into the folds is only better overall for the Fargo-Moorhead Community. Let’s just cross our finger’s that Lyft and GM’s Cruise decide to choose Fargo as an autonomous test market

Hot on the heels Grand Forks, ND will also be home to a new market for Lyft starting today!

Image Credit: Tinder

In this blog, I look at the social media execution Tinder used to celebrate Valentine’s day and the Millennial Brand engagement it developed.

That’s right… Tinder the swipeable, sometimes cringeworthy dating app that revolves around matching people based on ~5 pictures and a handful of other characteristics win the euphoric…

In this blog, I share some learning thoughts on what numbers are important and what numbers aren’t, especially when it comes to the value of a product, like Snapchat.

Is that the number that really matters? DAU. Yep oh the holiest of metrics in the tech world. Are they back…

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Here, There, Everywhere. Be warned mistakes are inevitable, it’s how you learn. Visit me on Twitter or wherever you connect. Username is probably @as_austin.

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